Pay Up And Pucker Up Bitch

by Michelle on June 22, 2010

You smoked, you toked and got totally wasted. You’re a fucking wreck, what was in the air this week? Is the it end of the month knowing all those bills of yours need to be paid but you want to give it all to me, so you need to get fucked up to let me help in destroying your pathetic life. I poached a few of you submissive pigs really good this week. Let’s run over who got roasted this week.
Jeremiah the religious “devout Christian” spent over 2 hours on my Niteflirt Financial domination line. He got on web cam for me and got high for a couple hours as I made him pay the honorable code of marijuana $4.20 per minute. He was calling from some shitty hotel that he was at while on business for some religious conference bullshit. Isn’t this just typical, some asswipe religious fuck spreading his words of bullshit wisdom when he himself if the biggest sinner of all. Sin you will and you will pay ME for it. While I was watching him in his hotel room with his big cross around his neck I made sure to get some great snapshots of him with his cock sucking lips pressed up to his pipe getting wasted.
As we were chatting away and I was draining him out I showed him my little surprise photos I took and he freaked out. Is it that hard to figure out what come’s next! Pay up or get outed on my blog. I fleeced the bitch for an extra $500 and laughed away. Some would call that blackmail, I just call that being me.

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