Monday Stroke-A-Thon Marathon

by Michelle on June 15, 2010

I spent the entire day yesterday with one of the most pathetic forced intoxication dummy’s to grace my presence. The Vodka and the weed were the true golden Goddess of yesterday’s 9 hour drunken drug fest. I particularly loved the part between 1:15 and 2:46 to be exact when the obliterated submissive idiot was passed out snoring away at $5.59 per minute on Niteflirt. Of course that would be the idea loser caller, one who pays and snors away while I sit and chat with my friends on the cell phone. I would say that was a complete successful round of forced intox fun. Anyone who’s played it with me knows I don’t go the amateur route when getting you sloppy wasted.
It’s so hot out today, i’m writing this right now in a hot metallic pink triangle bikini top with my perky nipples totally hard right now. I think they got hard because I was just writing about cash raping some stupid fucked up shit faced underling. I’ve been busy in my real life doing a ton of classes and was just out in NYC for the largest Yoga class ever in Central Park, It was really cool I got to be one of the many trainers assisting with crowd participation.
One of the male yoga trainers I ended up hanging out with was really hot but I noticed he had a wedding ring on, I thought he was just a married gay guy by the way he was flitting about all limp wristed and staring at all the mens asses that were high in the air. The way he would help other hot men in downward dog pulling their ass back up high almost arching into his crotch.
I saw him that night in the hotel bar and got to talking to him and asking all about his wife. it took all of 5 minutes and a couple of shots that he was confessing to me that he got turned on today with all those hot man asses pointing up to the sky. I knew it, by the time the night was over my new friend had confessed all of his desires to be bent over and fucked hard in the ass by a well built muscular jock. I told him his secret was safe with me and I left him my Niteflirt number. I wonder if he’ll call.

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