Happy Memorial Weekend Michelleaholics

by Michelle on May 28, 2010

My hand humping Michelleaholics beating off at a rapid pace before the long Memorial Weekend begins. Quick, get all your Niteflirt page poking done now before they get home. I know you addicted submissive men can’t stay away from perversions that long, not even a 3 day Holiday weekend will tear you apart from your precious stroking sessions.
I really wish Niteflirt would fix the system so International calls can smoothly be made. One of my European slaves has finally figured out how to use skype to call the Niteflirt system, do you have any idea how hard it is to get some inebriated fucking loser to follow direction while coked up. Thankfully l got a good 10 minutes of sober time with Slave J to get the call going. It had been far too long that he was able to call me and when he did it was cash rape city baby!
The voice he longed for live and directly connecting to his weak brain waves and I put my eye on the prize. Weak loser submit as I jacked up the rate to $25 per minute. I gave him a little forced intoxication session and one financial domination fuck over milking him until he hit the Niteflirt cash wall. It was a lucky night me, it was in the few thousand dollar range. I’m just sitting here reminiscing about milking his wallet as I fucked him over and my pussy is getting so wet it makes me want to put down my lap top and get myself off. You don’t really think I would give you the satisfaction of that though do you? Of course not my pets. Holiday weekend are you ready to get intoxicated and cash raped. I’m here now stop jerking off to me and get your ass on the phone and call me now.
Memoria Weekend

1-800-863-5478 ext.01720040 New Callers Get 3 FREE Min To Get Seduced.

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