Cuckold’s In The Club

by Michelle on May 14, 2010

I see you over there staring at my stocking covered legs, I know you desire my pantyhose tightly wound around your wrists binding you down and controlling your ever move. Coming and going all roads end up back at your Greedy Goddess Michelle. Just remember, there is no one more important then me.
Marcus hasn’t been able to cum for day’s now without a night of my deep inhalation forced intoxication raiding his brain. The more I get him high the more he stares at his porn and jherks his cock not being able to cum. A truly pathetic male, I will continue to make you pay Marcus, you will pay and you will stroke. I control every stroke and I control when you release, if you can even get your loser dick off.
Clitus has been making his payments, another captured soul addicted to my stunning beauty and seductive ways. It’s so hard to get away from me, I like it that way. There is paid mails to be opened on Niteflirt. You know what to do.
Erica, Sidney and I have plans this weekend, you might remember them from the night we did the 3 girl humiliation bashing sessions a few months ago. We are all leaving our boyfriend’s at home and doing a night in Hollywood tonight, Loser Anders paid for limo service and sent over a $200 Amex card. That’s hardly going to cover dinner and we never pay for drinks in the clubs of course. I’m going to make sure my man gives me at least 2 hot loads before I go out in case I need to rub my finger in some cuckold boy’s face to put him in his place. Would you like to taste my finger after I slipped it in my freshly fucked pussy. Yes, the answer of course is yes. I’ll be taking your money all weekend long. Time to hand over your cash and give your Greedy Goddess Michelle whatever I want. I’ll be on Niteflirt all weekend taking and taking.

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