Greedy Money Loving Goddess Toasts To Spring

by Michelle on April 8, 2010

Let’s do a toast to Spring my Michelleaholics. I just got back from Northern California for Easter with my girlfriends, we ended up in wine country and stayed at the most amazing spa. My hypno pay puppet paid for the spacation and even got a little hypnosis session in while I was sipping Chardonnay in the hot tub. So, I raise a glass to you my loyal pay pig’s for giving me the life of leisure that I love.
Another loser who begged to have his name mentioned but I won’t got to experience a luxury fuck over domination session with me. Over 20 pay to views on Niteflirt and one depletion of his tax refunds check sank right into my Chloe bag. Tim never really stood a chance with me by having that tiny small dick of his. His cock is so small that I thought it consistently needed to be taxed, tis the tax season and with loserboy I AM Uncle Sam.
So, I raise my glass to you loser, thanks for letting me drain your wallet out and use you for my Greedy Goddess needs.
Cuckold blackmail bitch boi Jason has been back begging to lick my succulent dominant pussy. He got used by my boyfriend and I the other night so good. We allowed him to tribute us a mere $300 to listen in on our glorious sex sounds and his big cock in my mouth. Time to tan.

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