Laughing My Ass Off

by Michelle on March 31, 2010

I woke up extremely bitchy today, it must be a case of the potential rain mixed with pms. I was quickly brought into a smiling burst of bitchy sunshine when some desperate soul asked me if I would watch him on web cam stick his cock in a tube of Pillsbury biscuits dough. I nearly spat out my coffee picturing some stupid loser fucking his morning muffins.
I dragged my ass to the computer, I logged in and there he was from the waist down with a tube in his hands and a very small hairy cock he was ready to shove in. He was kinda fat so I told him to first get on his knees and tell me what a fat Pillsbury doughbitch he was and that he was so pathetic that he had to fuck his yeast tube. Even with a sad small penis he broke the tube open so I just made him wrap the cold dough around his cock. It was a serious mess but the sounds he was making were priceless, especially when jerking off with cold wet dough. Thanks for humiliating yourself for me I loved it.
Laughing my ass off and taking your cash always makes my sun shine. On Niteflirt using you now.

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