One Very Lucky Cucky

by Michelle on March 22, 2010

Spring has sprung and I’ve done a lot of Spring cleaning this weekend, my yahoo messenger box had a massive amount of useless Niteflirt jerk-bots that needed to be eliminated like the waste that they are. Let me refresh some of you who need a little refreshing, I’m not into chatting with you on Yahoo unless you are ready to submit and give me what I want and love the most, money.
My Drunk Idiot has been frothing trying to have a session with me but i’ve been just too busy with my real life draining slaves in the flesh and hypnotizing men all across Los Angeles with my body. While one of my Hollywood Hills pets wife was out of town at SXSW for the week it was time for me to slip in and spend this past week as wifey. I went to visit my 3 day cuckold each day playing the role of the bitchy wife who spends her days fucking the pool boy, lunching with my girlfriends and spending his money.
Tues-Thurs at promptly 7:30 Howie arrived at his house where I would be inside waiting dressed seductive with my heels on. Howie was instructed to immediately to rub my feet for 30 minutes while I relaxed. While my feet were being pampered I wanted to tell my cuckold husband all about how Kevin the pool guy fucked me in his office on the desk with no condom and a little bit of cum dripped all over his phone and might have dripped from my pussy all over the desk as well. Howie asked me if I cleaned it up, I laughed really hard at that and said “Do I look like some fucking maid?” Annoyed that he would even ask that I made him put on a maids uniform and take his skirted up pansy fag ass over to the office and use his mouth to clean up the desk and all the places where the drops of spooge landed. What a Lucky cucky.

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