Hypno Money Queen Cream Sensation

by Michelle on March 14, 2010

My money loving antics have really been up to some serious gold digging. I feel like I was in Vegas this past week the way I’ve been lighting up some of you piggy slot machines. Nothing like hypnotizing your slot machine to hit the triple cherry on a maxed out bet. When in Vegas and scoring a win of course the first thing I want to do is head over to Gucci and get myself a new handbag. Looks like I’ll be hitting myself over to Beverly Center this week.
My submissive forced intoxication the drunk idiot was back on his weak ass knees begging for some of my attention and the chance to let me drain him out for an hour or so. I entertain him with my tales of all the many ways we are going to shop our way through Manhattan going from ATM machine to ATM machine taking out cash and then taking shots and the closest bar. Imagining my creamy smooth ass against his lips puckering up ready to please me and buy me all the pretty things I want in the window. It’s a good thing i’ll be in NYC in a couple months just in time for the Summer clothing.
I exposed cuckold Sean to his best friend Jamie after he missed 2 of his monthly payments. He never thought I would really send the photos of him wearing his wife’s lingerie to him. When it comes to me getting paid from a little cuckold bitch like Sean you can bet I was ready and waiting to hit send sharply at Noon on a Friday. All he had to do was make the $500 tribute and it never would have happened.
His friend Jamie and I have now established a relationship and i’ve got him in on the fun. Looks like a dual blackmail is about to go down. Double the payments or now his own best friend will go to his wife and tell her about me and show her the photos. Hurray guess who just got a $999 tribute… ME! Never ever miss a payment slave boys.

Creamy And Hot

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