Forced Intoxication Febuary Fuck Over

by Michelle on February 24, 2010

It’s Michellaholic madness this month, I feel like the Queen of Forced Intoxication and erotic hypnosis these past couple weeks. Bimbolicious as always I swear Niteflirt has been a virtual pig pen for fucking fairys and its been a total cash parade for my money loving greedy self.
I was out with the girls and we met a couple guys and one was a ringer for The Situation from the Jersey Shore. I was so buzzed on champagne, I was on the dance floor dancing provocatively with my girls when I locked eyes with the overly worked out dork, I knew right there I was going to take advantage of him tonight and make him my drink ticket for the evening. It took all of 5 minutes to catch his eye and have him come over to me and ask my name, That night I decided my name was going to be Nicole for the evening. His name was Brandon, he asked if my girls and I wanted to come over to their table, I always pick the guys out who have the reserved space and bottle service of course. Thank’s for the drinks all night boys! Good luck calling me with that phone number of the Victoria Secret store in Beverly Center I gave you. Feeling greedier then ever, taking calls all week long ready to fuck over you submissive bitch boys and drain your wallets and have you worship my sultry exotic body. Time to get used bitch boy.

Lets Get High
Puff Puff Slut
Smoke it whore!

1-800-863-5478 ext.01720040 New Callers Get 3 FREE Min To Get Seduced.

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