My Hot Hung Valentine

by Michelle on February 16, 2010

Stroke fiends finally can take a breath of air Valentines Day is over and the pressure is off for at least one more year. Like clockwork my Niteflirt lines were on fire all weekend long with a bunch of lonely desperate losers aching for my attention and the chance to spoil me. My slutty California Sissy Cissy Fagette was dressed and ready to get whored out on Craigslist and be cupids little helper.
I dressed up in a tight red dress and my sweetheart heels with the silver hearts on them and looked perfect for my man. I was looking so hot and sexy I was ready to take his big cock before he dined me at Ago. Earlier idiot loser Frazier begged to be able to pay for our night out if he could listen to us have sex and have my boyfriend tell him what a lackey loser he is. Frazier called promptly at 6pm and talked to me in my car as I went over to my hot hung boy’s house.
The second I walked in I let him know the Valentines reject was on the phone and he was going to pay for tonight. My boyfriend whipped out his cock and I started sucking it as he went off on Frazier laughing at what a little cuckold bitch he was and making him tribute $300 for dinner.
My man was so hard and turned on it was time for me to get some! We raised the rate to $5.00 a min and put him on speaker phone and went right to it.
Valentines was amazing. I love taking all your money and I love making you bitch’s pay to listen to me get what you’ll never have.
Yes another sissy on the loose all on Valentines Day.

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