Loveless Strokers Cash Collection

by Michelle on February 11, 2010

Hey little lust puppets, Well it seems you puny dicked Michelleaholics have been on a hard core binge with my photo sets. You can’t get enough of my body I know its exhilarating, the best Goddess drug you’ve ever consumed. So what do you losers have planned for Valentines Day this year? How much cash am I going to drain from you loveless strokers, taking away the money that you should be spending on your wives and girlfriends.
Snowpocolypse has taken over a part of the East and lots of snowed in losers have been stuck in the house bored with their ugly cocks in hand while dialing into Niteflirt with the other. Some eager bitch boy Brent in Philadelphia called me stuck in his house for 2 days straight. He had a few morning beers and he was ready to do just about anything. Sent out to his backyard with nothing but his girlfriends panties on I made him hump a snow bank and give a blow job to a icicle.
Sometimes I wonder if I said jump off a bridge if some of you cum wads would do it. Harrold keeps calling me and asking me to make him cum in his face yet, when I tell him what a homo he is he gets upset and say’s he’s straight. No straight man would want to gobble cum and lap it up the way you do if that was the case. Bottom line is, if you want to blow loads of cum into your own face and lick up every drop then you are most certainly a cum eating fag in my eyes.
Lets play.

Valentine Lover

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