Toe And Arch Seduction My Hypnotic Soles

by Michelle on January 25, 2010

It’s masturbation Monday many of you are back in the office away from your obnoxious wife having peace for one small moment only to go to work and get berated by your boss. What a mudane boring life you lead, I guess that’s why you come to me for that humiliation and seduction. You drone stroke addicted slaves needing that constant reminder of what a shell of a human you’ve become. Don’t worry, I’m always here to remind you every single Monday at the beginning of a new week.
I had a lovely weekend, I had the weekend off from teaching yoga classes I know that makes the fat ass puppies who come to my class so sad they can’t pop their pathetic hard ons as I do downward dog. I know they fantasize about being underneath my ass as I go into position aching for me to come down and smother them with my tight sweaty asshole. I was in the stretching studio and I had my shoes and socks off rubbing my feet and warming up before class. Last week I was sharing the room with another man who I’d never seen before but I kept catching him staring at the arches in my foot each time I flexed my toes my arches raised up and I could have sworn I heard his gasp. Maybe it was just me hearing my incredibly huge ego thinking that but no, he wanted me. I had a fresh manicure and a bottle of lotion in my bag, I pulled it out and layed back with my toes pointed in the air. I squirted lotion onto my soles and started to rub them nice and deep and slow. I knew my senses were right I saw him looking, I could see in the mirror his eyes becoming saucers and his mouth gaping fixated on each motion as I stroked my soles. I saw him falling into the hypnotic state of my soles, he would look away as I caught his glance and then come back for more. I laughed to myself as I knew I had a new potential foot slave walking right into my web.

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