Drunk And High Idiot Takes Exstacy Wallet Espress

by Michelle on January 18, 2010

2010 the year of decadence is fully underway I’ve been receiving so many beautiful gifts, handbags, and zappos gift cards. What I really need and want is a $10,000 gift card from crate and barrel, I really need to do my living room over and it’s just a pity that amazon has a really small furniture assortment that are suitable for my needs.
Ronny boy my drugged out forced intox slave has been coming by my virtual door on Niteflirt a bit more then usual. He’s such a little bitch to his glass bong that he can’t keep his lips off it while his fingers click my call button on Niteflirt ready to give me my cash. He loves the way I make him drink and get him so drunk and fixated and hypnotized by my ass and tits locked into his view.
We shop Prada online as I pick out the shoes that I want and he drinks each time I say those beautiful words “I want those”. After submitting to the the relaxing spirits his cock was so hard , he was becoming so impaired and stupid he didn’t even realize he was paying me more and more as I greedily kept taking. I think I may have said “I want those” at least 11 times, that’s a lot of drinking not to mention the big bong hit blasts he was taking. The idiot ended up passing out and got lucky that the Niteflirt recording came on he had one minute left. I drained his account totally dry and didn’t even let the loser get his stupid drunk dick off. While he was in a higher state of bliss off in a dreamy loserland slumber I was enjoying how much money I made and what I was going to go buy at at the Fornarina store.
Leg fetish cash pig Joey finally got his dream come true, I let my leg hair grow out for 2 weeks to wax them and send him the leg waxing strips for $500. What a sick freak, he’s going to torture his balls using my used leg wax strips and fresh wax on his balls to de-hair his subhuman self. I cant wait to watch him squirm on cam as I laugh and take pictures and clips to humiliate the wax fetish loser.

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