The Beginning Of The Decade Of Decadence

by Michelle on January 8, 2010

Attention all Michelleaholics this is the dawning of a new age, the beginning of the decade of decadence. This year you stroke zombies will be pulling your cocks out and getting your minds and wallets hypnotized and drained even deeper. The games have already begun, the gifts have already been showing up at my door, slaves balls and cash from their wallets are already lining my bank account with Benjamins.
My erotic hypnosis has trapped, captured and fucked a slew of new piggies. I gave a good mind fuck forced intoxication session to my French drunk pig cash slave Peter. Peter kept his wine right by his side with the glass always full. As soon as I saw the last gulp go down I immediately had him refresh his glass. The drunker he got the more cash I took seducing him more and more with my blessed perfect looks. One of his first simple tasks was to write on himself to show me what a drunk bitch boy he was. It’s hard to see on the cam photos but the loser did write on himself.
I needed a really good laugh so it was time to make a sissy fag out of this bitch boy loser. Time to bust out out the panties and the sissy boy blond girl wig. I have a photo of him and his girlfriend I thought I would post but then I figured these were much more entertaining. I think the blond looks rather sassy don’t you. After I was through milking his wallet and and his wine bottles he was ready to pass out and It was time for me to hit the bars with my girlfriends.

Pretty Petepretty petepretty pete 1

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