Lick My Yoga Mat Clean And Smell My Tight Ass

by Michelle on December 17, 2009

Holiday greetings, Christmas is coming and my beautiful tree is up. Gifts are piling up from my little piggies. My swine parade has been so eager to please me So many fat ass bozo’s filling up my yoga class so little time to write. I’ve noticed the bulging waist lines from all the cookies and cupcakes brought into the office on a bunch of my web cam pigs. Stop stuffing your fat pie hole’s you puffy faced losers and start stuffing my wallet instead. I wanna see the numbers drop on the scales and in your bank account while my bank account rises as I drain you out and give you the financial domination that you deserve this Christmas. Shop for me now.My Amazon wish list
Lance was so weak for me, he came to me afraid and nervous with a shy message on yahoo. He was scared of my sexy prowess, so young and beautiful and hypnotic. I promised him I would be gentle if he gave me a call just to taste my voice. Over an hour in and deep in sending me tributes, Lance became deeply entranced in my seductive wicked ways. I said I wouldn’t bite I never said I wouldn’t put him under my hypnotic spell. He bit my apple and my sweet poison went right to his wallet and mind, so weak for his Goddess.
My sorry ass excuse for a submissive slave dentist Larry came to pay me a visit this week, it was time for his check up. I check up on how much he has spent on me all year and determine if it’s good enough and of course it never is. All he could afford this year was an unimpressive $2K time too boost that total and now for his humiliation assignment. Larry gets to lick my yoga mat clean, I make sure to not wipe it down for a few days which means its extra funky and even has some foot jam on it. After the mat was nice and clean I sat on his face while I took a 34 minute call with one of my besties. I had better things to do after I took my first installment of $600 so I got up, grabbed my purse and left. In your face Larry you loser, better up the cash this year boys.

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