Jamming My Precious Princess Feet Into Your Balls

by Michelle on December 7, 2009

Holiday stroking is here I can hear the bells ringing the way I dream of taking your balls and jingling them in my hands then smashing them under my brand new black leather Prada boots.
Even when I I walk past the Salvation Army volunteers ringing that obnoxious bell I hear the sound of your cash flowing into my holiday wallet. Tis the season to be giving, to me of course. The gift certificates are still rolling in and I love it, I love that all I have to do is blog that I want them and well, ask and you shall receive. I got a couple from Victoria Secret nothing too exciting and I added things to my Amazon wish list.
One of my old foot slaves made a stop in Los Angeles last week and paid my glamorous peds a nice pre-holiday pampering. We met up at his hotel and the first thing I did when I saw him was kick him in the balls with my tan suede boots and watch him fall to his knees. He was on the floor moaning how wonderful it was to see me and I was busy taking a call from my girlfriend to really pay him total attention at that point. I was already bored of him and I was ready to hit Robertson and find myself a sexy new pair of boots and an outfit.
Firsts things first, cleaning my stinky Goddess feet with his freshly Listerine swished mouth and putting on the cute red panties on that I was wearing that said SEXY on the ass. I got fucked in the morning so there were cum stains in them as well, what a bonus. I needed a coffee and a cupcake to get in the mood so that was taken care of, I love being in control of his wallet while he walks a few steps behind me and I pluck out the cash.
I saw in the the window of Lisa Klein this hot pair of Prada boots, price tag $1165.00. We went inside and I tried them on, I asked my shoe slut how he felt about them, and judging by the hard cock I saw in his pants they clearly looked stunning on me. Done, I told the Woman helping me that I wanted them, as we went up the the counter I saw these amazing bracelets $249.00 for 3 bracelets tethered together, I didn’t even hesitate and put them right on top of the shoe box. I know you want to know more about my shoe slave and what we did. Well fucking call me and I’ll consider telling you.
I love being me and getting what I want from submissive piggy’s. Next victim step right up.



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Ben August 30, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Hello Goddess,

I want to submit to you! Please add me to yahoo if you have it. Or msn. I beg you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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