Giving Thanks And Taking Your Cash And Ignoring You

by Michelle on November 30, 2009

Drunk Idiots abound giving thanks all week long Oh how I love and live for the holidays. I just got back from a couple weeks of traveling, I spent the holidays with my family in a beautiful rented house in Miami for Thanksgiving and it was amazing, I sat at the beach everyday drinking champagne, taking calls and raking it in while I was relaxing and becoming even more beautiful then I already am.
One of the best part about the holidays besides me getting piles of gifts and gift certificates are all the forced intoxication slaves who come out of the woodwork looking to get worked over and beg to worship my fine ass. My Amazon gift certificate collection is growing at a rapid pace and I want it even bigger. I loaded up my wish list and now I expect you Michelleaholics to take your cocks out and buy me all the things that I want.
Yesterday was pure brilliant, one of the ultimate humiliation tasks is to be ignored while paying for it. Last night I had my friends Megan and Jenny over and for a little over 3 hours we had loser Peter on speaker phone paying us $4.00 a minute on Niteflirt sitting there while we made cupcakes, drank wine and raked it in. I love money and of course so do my girlfriends. Every 20 minutes or so loser Peter would chime in “Miss Michelle, Miss Michelle please will you talk to me” and all that garnered was one really loud SHUT THE FUCK UP LOSER WE’RE BAKING CUPCAKES BITCH.
I never posted these awesome photos of the sissy Jessica and I think it’s about time everyone got to see more of the sissy slut that will do anything and do it all! Insert here sluts!

I like cock insert hereSmile and insert cock here!


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