Cleaning Out Your Wallet

by Michelle on November 11, 2009

Just got in from a one on one yoga session with a new client. He’s late 40’s in the entertainment biz and mega loaded and freshly divorced. He lives in a massive house in Los Feliz up in the hills. We had an amazing session today for our first time. He was so tight he could barely bend, I would say he had the flexibility of an old man, I’m going to make sure the pretty boy is in loads of pain. If he only knew about my money loving greedy alter ego, time will tell.
Puny little shrimp dick came back with his puny small pathetic hard cock begging for a beating. I punched his wallet in for a quick mild round at $100 a punch my goodness am I greedy, I bruised the little dicked loser pretty good.
My naughty preacher has been begging me for weeks to meet him in Vegas this month. Every year in November he meets his friends out there and lets loose from being a preacher and the family. He wanted to make this year a special one having me meet him out there. He wanted me to pick the hottest whore I could find and humiliate them both. Yes this is possibly your preacher who wants to be pissed on and collared like a humiliated slave. He wanted to take me to dinner, get him totally fucked up and wasted and take advantage of his sorry hypocritical ass. Shame I’m too busy and can’t make it out there to rub that beanie on my ass.
Ready for a wallet cleansing, click and call me now.
** Post was edited due to paranoid submissive***

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