Sniffing Pretty Girls Ass’s Smothering Your Face

by Michelle on November 4, 2009

Why is it always the men in my yoga class who like to rip big juicy farts right near the end of the session in downward dog position. If the ass ripper only knew of my secret life as a phone domme I would crave to humiliate him in front my the entire class and shove his nose into all the asses of the sweaty Woman. Sometimes I zone out and think about how I would love to sit on his face and lead the class while I personally lay out a stinky afternoon delight fart right in his nose smother his face with my beautiful ass scents. And breatttthhhhhheeeee, Inhale, Exhale. Eau De Michelle
Halloween was pretty mellow this year, I only went to 3 parties over the weekend, I went as a Genie out of a bottle one night, Vampirella and a slutty Hannah Montana costume, that one went over the best. Thanks to Jeronkadonk for buying all my costumes for me of course I made him pay extra extra to even get the chance to see me in them. He thought he was going to get a treat and all I put in his pumpkin was a picture of me saying FUCK YOU PAY ME!. HA HA HA ass stain.
I had a really fun Victoria Secret hypnosis lingerie session and during my little lingerie mind warp game show. My stunning tight little body and sweet Carmel skin always gets the prize I won a $1000 gift card to Victoria Secret. Now I know what all my girlfriends will be getting for Christmas.
Just got off the phone with yet another baby dicked sissy decked out in a thong begging me to watch him perform for me on web cam. SISSY DICK!!!

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