One Puny Dicked Losers Humiliation Art Assignment

by Michelle on October 26, 2009

After reading about his personal public humiliation and outing little financial domination puny dicked pig came a trotting back for more. More of my wicked bitchy humiliation had him back with his balls tied tight drooling for more of my attention. I handed out a art assignment sure to keep to pea brained wallet busy for a while.
Isn’t that a great worship piece. I love it, It’s one for the hall of loser shame for sure.

Hypnosis slave Charles has done wonders for my shopping addiction with a $1500 Macys gift card. He felt the need to splurge on me, he said he woke up and felt this sudden urge to go straight to his laptop and before he even brushed his teeth he NEEDED to spoil me. I guess the hypnosis mp3 I made him pay one hundred dollars for did it. What a total moron.

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was fantastic , filled with wallet jockeys vying for my attention at the bars. I spent most of the weekend with some friends who were in town doing some tourist things. We hit up the bars at night and I don’t think my friends and I spent any of our own money. A hard cock makes me smile knowing I’m about to get whatever I want.

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