The Ever Popular Attempt Of Kicking The Cash Rape Habit

by Michelle on October 19, 2009

Did you have a nice week my little puppets? I know I had a fantastic week my yoga class I teach is getting so popular we extended it 2 more days, Yes, I’m THAT good. I think when I teach my class I’m actually using my erotic hypnosis powers to loosen everyone up and bring even them to a state of total bliss. I’ve been told by a few ladies they feel really turned on after my class and they always want to run home and fuck. I can’t imagine if some of my clients knew what a naughty girl that I am, if only some of those ladies knew I was probably talking to their husbands/boyfriends. I love every moment of it.
About a week or so ago my puny dicked Englishman came by my yahoo messenger hoping I wouldn’t take notice of him. Caught, I waited about 3 minutes before I taxed the small dicked weak loser and gave him a very small $50 paid mail beating for lurking. I then decided the puny hard loser needed to give me $100, as soon as I revealed to him of my greedy desire POOF he logged offline. Anyone who knows this greedy Goddess knows I don’t play that game. Flash forward a week later and up pops his name logged on yahoo messenger.
I sent the puny loser a message asking what he thought he was doing being so disrespectful to his money loving Goddess. His response was “I got scared”. What a pathetic groveling fucking baby, the baby crying away his pitiful tears as I verbally attacked and berated him. This verbal assault of course made his worthless dick swell with excitement as I told him “You will pay for this 5 times the amount for being a pussy ass bitch”. In a matter of 46 minutes I extracted $500 from the loser and of course the obligatory dribble drabble tax from his pathetic pud puker. Lesson to be learned, being a pussy will only cost you when it comes to this greedy Goddess. I love money and you will give it all to me.


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