Seven Hour Hypnotic Wallet Domination

by Michelle on October 5, 2009

My hypnotic powers have been getting stronger and stronger drawing in more and more cash into my brand new Balenciaga wallet. My muffin has been doing some serious cash stuffin and you know me, I can’t get enough.
I’ve been getting into playing around on Twitter if you want to follow me and get for the chance that maybe I’ll even mention you. I spent Sunday morning doing an intense Hypnotic therapy session with the newly named Cissy Faguette (rhymes with baguette) has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. Ode to one of my favorite Countrys, France.
I have been working with Faguette for a while now as we are working to hypnotically remove all maleness from him and turn him into a complete and total cash slave sissy. Under a deep hypnotic state sissy would get nice and high learning that with each deep held inhale in comes all the Woman and with the exhale the male in him becomes released with each breath. He watched as his nails subconsciously grew longer and longer, his inner thighs quivered when he felt the nails running against him. Cissy’s speech was becoming more and more feminine he was becoming a Woman.
Faguette is such a tacky sissy her sole goal is to make me money and be the best and biggest Bimbo. The Cissy really excelled in cock sucking, the way her mouth learned to take down 10 inches was magnificent and pretty impressive for a first time slut. I love being a sissy maker and wallet taker.

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