Purse Worship Handbag Heaven

by Michelle on September 3, 2009

Holiday weekend is here, welcome to September. What does a money loving femdom Princess such as myself love coming home too? Easy, a front door loaded with gifts. As Los Angeles was burning down I was having a Financial domination fire in one of my sexy submissive’s bank account. Hypnotic seduction sessions and gifts galore I needed some new handbags and of course he took care of his pampered Princess. $1000 in new arm candy and each stuffed with cash I was ready to get some new outfits.
Sissy Sagebelle the secret cock sucker in Miami had a fantastic glory hole romp with me on the phone directing each and every one of his precious cock sucking moments. He was in town on business from Dallas and ready to go out for a night on the town in full drag. We started the adventure off at MAC makeup where Sage was about to get a great makeover. An hour later and the sissy was ready for step 2 WARDROBE! One slutty long dress from a store on Collins ave and this bitch was ready to get in the rented car and hop off to the nearest glory hole. I made him stop at a gay bar first and find a cock to suck before hand, he ended up sucking off 3 guys at a place called Boy Bar. Sissy was a cum filled cream puff by 11pm, I told him to just stay at the bar for a while and suck as many as he could like a good little sissy bitch. I needed to get my own pussy tended to so I had to get off the line, last I checked the sissy was down 15 cocks. What a fucking sissy! Life is better when you’re me.

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