Hypnotized Cash Zombies Walking Among Us

by Michelle on August 24, 2009

This weekend was starting to make me think I jumped ahead in the future to Halloween. The weather was a bit overcast and hazy, the air crisp and the Halloween superstores have opened their doors invading all of the empty store spaces in strip malls everywhere across the Los Angele’s area.
I’m not sure exactly what I want to dress up as this year, I’ll be sure to put a ton of different costumes on my wish list so you can get them for me so I can make an accurate decision.
While I was out in Hollywood I ran into Fornarina and fell in love with a black leather jacket $1,225.00. I got home, got on the couch and needed to make myself cum thinking about how I was going to get that jacket. Ten minutes after I orgasmed a Niteflirt call rang in and clearly the leather jacket Goddess was listening to my moans. Jamezey fell for my trapping Brown eyes and hypnotic sultry voice right away. At approximately 28 minutes into the call Jamezey could not stop thinking about how sexy I would look naked in nothing but leather boots and the matching jacket.
Hour 1 and we were deep in transfixing his mind to my hypnotic ass pulling him deeper and deeper into slave stroking worship. Hour 2 passed and I had a hypnotized man digging deep into his wallet until he had paid for the leather jacket and enough extra for a pair of leather boots. Later that day I ran into one of my former slaves at the dry cleaners and after a year of no contact he was smitten. He paid my $143 dry cleaning bill, too me to lunch and slipped me a $100 for taking time away from my shopping. One look into my brown eyes and you too will become a cash slave zombie for me.


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