Ignored For 2.5 hours Pure Cash Draining

by Michelle on August 18, 2009

Yesterday at around 6:30 am my girlfriend Vanessa called me saying she took the day off and her and Sara were going up to Santa Barbara at 8am to drink wine all day and stay the night and go pack my bag. I tell her I’ll be ready to go in 45 minutes, I get my stuff together and its time for an impromptu road trip to Santa Barbara for an overnight with the girls !
Yesterday was such a special day for some very fortunate Michelleaholics. I left my lines on all day and that meant triple trouble for you bitch boys, the girls joined in on my calls and we took advantage of the 3 Princess’s on one loser game all day.
Dezkanso got a full financial breakdown when we kept him on the phone on Niteflirt for the entire 2.5 hours it took us to drive up from Los Angeles, he sat on speaker phone and listened in as we talked about our latest conquests and at each 15 minute interval he had to tribute and additional $50.00. Vanessa started talking about this guy shes been fucking with this 9 inch HUGE cock, and all the sudden we hear Deskanso scream into the phone “PLEASE TEACH ME TO SUCK COCK”. We started laughing hysterically and game him a really in-depth lesson on cock sucking.
We arrived at our hotel at that point we had this whole day trip paid for thanks to my money giving pig. We started off with lunch and then our limo picked us up and on our way to the tasting rooms we went! We were so drunk by dinner we flipped the lines back on and got Fhilmeup to send us $300 to go down to the casino and play around. I love having all my travel and adventures paid for. We got back in this morning and I had the best time. Thanks guys for letting me give your life a purpose and paying for our fun! It’s been a pleasure using you.

SB Wine Day

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