All It Takes Is A Slave And One Drunk Idiot

by Michelle on August 12, 2009

Looks like a big city trip is coming in my near future, Drugged out and hypnotized the drunk worshiping idiot came to my clutches for some early morning fun after a very late night of partying hard.  After 30 min of professing dedication and love to my hypnotic Goddess body I took him down with mind melting suggestions. Strolling along the street hitting ATM after ATM taking out $500 at each Michelle money machine we pass.  As he presses his code in his pathetic wimpy ass cock starts to poke from his pants so I make sure to have him put on an extra tight g-string to hold it in. I had the stupid drunk bitch so hypnotized he fell asleep listening to my hypnotic voice lull the cash right into my pocket as he fell deep into a xanax coated dream and I woke up with a new amount of $223.18 in my pocket.

My hot bitch friend from yoga class Chelsea asked me if I wanted to go to a Sunday vollyball game with her out in Hermosa Beach.  We had the best time, the weather was perfect and the guys who she knew were so hot.  Chelsea told me this one hot piece of ass Justin was a freak for my feet.  I thought I noticed him keep staring at me every time I wiped the sand from my toes.  I ended up taking him home that night and found out he was a total slave to my feet.  As I got out of the car he wiped the sand and then licked the dust polishing up my pretty toes.  He begged me for a date but he was a little too into me and he was getting on my nerves a tad.  After I said no he offered me a trip to Nordstroms shoe department and a toe cleaning. A slave after my own sweet pedicured feet how can I resist that temptation. He seemed a bit puzzled when I gave him my 1-800-to-flirt number with extension.  I simply explained. even YOU have to pay to speak to me.  He called me 30 min later on Niteflirt begging for more abuse.

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