Tease and Pay, Stroke All Day And Still Pay To Cum

by Michelle on August 4, 2009

Michelle-a-holics everywhere have been soaking up the last weeks of summer fun with my stroke and pay humiliation games. Nothing fuels me more then a loser hitting me up on yahoo for attention and then telling me he has no money. No money for you means money for Michelle when you say something like that to me.
Full on Midwest geek boy Joey started his indoctrination to my cult with a single picture set.
One pay to view set on Niteflirt and a little conversation and the stage was set. Joey immediately became a Michelle-a-holic who over the course of the weekend lost all of his money to me. I had him so hypnotically entranced that each day he called me to cum begging and pleading but, he had no money. The moment I got him on web cam I got him to dip into his savings account and give me what I wanted. I told him he could get his pathetic little dick off if he got on cam, pay a meager $50.00 and then jerk it in his face. Ring a ling it’s a pasty white Midwestern jizz eater on the line ready to get on cam and report for duty. Another day another dollar in my power.

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