Michelle Loves Gifts Michelle Loves Being Spoiled

by Michelle on July 25, 2009

My favorite way to begin a weekend is arriving at home after a long day and seeing a present pile up at my door. It was a beautiful site seeing all the boxes and envelopes filled with lingerie, shoes, jewelry and other assorted wants that my greedy Princess self was desiring. Hold on to your little peckers, hot new outfits and new photo sets are coming soon with all my hot new lingerie.
I’ve been taking some golfing lessons, yeah I know me golfing who would have ever thought. I thought it might impress some of you sugar daddies who dream of whisking me away to some exotic vacation location and have me sidecar in your little golf cart showing me off in my hot little outfit.
One of my local Hollywood submissives has been taking me for golf lessons so he can take me with him on some of his “power golf lunch” to show me off as his “new toy”. How funny and here if they only knew that I’m making him pay me $1000 an hour. At end of our little playtime golf lunch I’m going to take him back to a hotel room and have him eat the grass from the bottom of my shoes and suck off my sweaty toes. I’m going to take a shower and let him watch me and then leave as I always do, leaving him hard and desperate, horny and begging for more of my mental abuse.
Just a Friday.

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