Hot Summer Sissy Cash Booty Party

by Michelle on July 13, 2009

I just got back from visiting my High School best friend out in Austin and wow was that a total party! The weather was hot and the party’s were banging! I was just hit up by some loser wanna be cash raped pussy on Niteflirt, I’d name him but that would be a total turn on for the cum rag. What makes someone a wannabe cash pussy to me, one that makes a name on Niteflirt signifying he wants to be financially dominated then coming to you and won’t even open a $10 paid mail response. One that buys a cheap $15 photo set and complains about it saying “I buy a kiss my ass photo set assuming that it’s exclusively ass shots, and it’s not!” I guess that’s what happens when you make an Assumption that the description on it which is (Kiss my ass set, me telling losers to kiss my ass) is something other then it is. Cheap ass fucking worthless loser. Enough about that , I just had to rant it out and express my distaste for stupid fucking idiots.
In other news Michelle-A-Holic addicts are in full swing with the hot Summer heat. Gift raids galore have been going on and all you strokers know just how to please me. I need a new Marc Jacobs bag for summer. Puny lil dick can’t stop yanking his worthless shrimp dick and saving up his cash so I can go on a cash raid and take his checks and leave him flat. My boyfriend and I were harvesting up sissy losers all weekend long. Sissy Eddie finally overcame his fear of calling us and he was ready to beg for my boyfriends 9 inch superior cock and be my sissy clean up cock sucking slut. He was so ready to to suck cock he sat there begging and pleading to have that huge load of cum shot into his freshly made up face. Yum Yum, my boyfriend gave him a nice lecture and told him he was really nothing but a foot stool for us while he watches Baseball HA HA SISSYS! He made him tribute us $400 and let him cum at our feet in a pet food dish and then lick it up like a good sissy pup.
I had yet ANOTHER humiliation junkie inspired by the face in the toilet shots on my blog. It amazes me how many of you losers want to shove your face in the toilet for me and get yourself on my blog. So, this humiliation idiot sends me this horrible version of his head in the toilet and my name written on a paper plate!! Paper plate? what the fuck?. I won’t post it because it’s just no impressive enough. Try again boys!

Summer Cash Booty

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