Happy July 4th ! Drunks, Sissy’s And Hard Up Losers Wanted This Weekend

by Michelle on July 3, 2009

Oh you silly boys and those addictions that I love to feed with my insatiable greed lust for cash. Puny little worthless slave boy came back for another round of lets pretend your wallet is a pinata and watch me bash it open. I took another few hundred from him and just will not stop, ever. He is a Michelle-A-Holic stroke boy who learned to give me what I want and not deny it. Surrendering to the fact that you have a stroke addiction can be an amazing feeling, the ultimate utopia to give in to your Goddess. Tick tock the holiday clock is ringing I can’t wait for tomorrow night I love July 4th and I love even more all the dumb guys who get super wasted and call me. My phone lines will for sure be on even at the party maybe I’ll pick it up. I did a nice Beauty Queen training session with sissy Harlow, it was fantastic she will do just about anything to be a Hollywood sissy Queen and work that Boulevard. He got on web cam and worked the stage for me as we practiced the pageant hand wave for 25 min. Then in was on to hair and make up! He got this awesome long blond wig and then I had him get this bizarre hair product called a “Bump it”. It makes you have that weird slutty hump in your head that all the strippers wear. After getting it on he looked like a cross between Marge Simpson and Anna Nicole. Then for the following hour I let the sissy slave worship my pussy and legs. He sat and gushed over me for literally one full hour. He spent 20 min on my ass, 20 min on my pussy, 20 min on my breasts telling me in great detail the worship my perfect body deserves and how he strives to be as glamorous as me. Get used this weekend by the one and only.

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