Drunk Idiots Forced Intoxication Weekend Cash Party

by Michelle on June 29, 2009

Happy Monday all you Michelle-A-Holics out there hanging on my ever word and following my fabulous life. The drunks were out in full force this weekend and I was hot and ready to sink just done French manicure into those bank accounts. This was a beautiful $5 grand kinda weekend. The cash was literally pouring in like a beautiful glass of Vueve Cliquot and a fresh picked raspberry dropped in.
Slave jack found his way back for another day of my “guidance” leading him to a better way of life through my showing him that being broke may cause pain but, to get to the beautiful things in life you must feel that pain first. Click and pay , click and pay and all day long with some hesitation I milked him dry.
Ron the wannabe as I like to call him, dreams of being a little coked up drunk money piggy for me. Following me all over Bloomingdales with my 4 inch brand new Tory Burch platforms on and him carrying all the bags of my finds. I wanna get him so fucked up that when he wakes up with me sitting on him credit card in hand and shopbop dot com on the screen with the check out cart loaded up with a few thousand dollars in designer goodies ready to hit send!!! CLICK!!
CJ was an amazing little submissive piggy bright and shiny at 7am getting the morning started with shots of jack. He was a mess by the time I was done with him I think he must have done like 6 shots and a few chasers and this was all before he went to meet up with his friends for lunch! What a LOSER! Now that is a boozer loser and he loved showing it off to me on cam Cheers to Michelle TRIBUTE!
Toilet bitch boys are really coming out each loser trying to out flush the next, can you even believe these nasty losers. Regardless it was a steller weekend and that calls for an over night in Santa Barbara paid in full by YOU. Tons of gifts were swept of for my by my fine dashing elegant slave who you don’t even deserve to hear details about.
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greg April 29, 2011 at 10:37 pm

is this for real. i mean its just a game right. i can stop once i get in over my head. right

hmmmm have you ever gotten a guy so drunk u take him to the cleaners. cannot believe i just wrote that

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