Giving An English Loser’s Life Meaning Through Exploitation

by Michelle on June 14, 2009

I love English peas especially fresh ones in the summer, I also love exploiting the English Michelle-A-Holic with the balls the sizes of peas. He came to me with a letter of apology that needed to go public. I just wallet raped him once again today bringing him back to being enslaved where he belongs. Become a Michelle-A Holic and find yourself under the hypnotic enchantment of a Goddess.

Dear Goddess Michelle,

An Apology for trying to escape the grips of Michelle Loves Money

My little cockette has always been useless sexually. As a spotty, over-weight teenager, my attempts to pick-up girls always failed, and I soon became scared of even talking to women I was attracted to. At night, I’d lie in bed and stroke my tiny virgin penis, dreaming of the girls who ignored me and almost certainly laughed at me behind my back. Every night and each morning I’d splash a load of cum over my tubby belly, as I became more and more infatuated with the schoolgirls I knew were too good for me and would never even talk to me. By the time I left school, my masturbation fantasies had stopped being about fucking them, and instead I longed only to be ridiculed and forced to serve them.

When I got to university, it seemed I might be able to put an end to my loser ways. The spots cleared up, I lost a little weight, and for the first time women started taking an interest me. There were two times when I had a chance to lose my virginity, but my useless little dicklet betrayed me and refused to get hard when the big moment came. The two experiences were depressingly similar, as I saw the look on the girls’ faces turn from sympathy, to frustration, to anger. Both girls, having seen my ugly little cock (looking even more ridiculous and pathetic than usual in its flaccid and shriveled up state), weren’t in a hurry to give me a second chance.

Nonetheless, around a year later I managed to get a girlfriend. She spent two years getting frustrated at my attempts to satisfy her in bed, before realising I was hopeless loser and getting rid of me. The majority of the times we tried to fuck, my cock would go limp before either of us came, but the few times I did cum inside her I could only do so by thinking about the humiliating and degrading websites I’d usually been wanking to the night before.

It’s now been nearly a year since she left me (no doubt to get fucked by a real man, with a big cock, that stays hard), and I’ve become completely addicted to fist-fucking my cockette in front of my computer. I must have had memberships to nearly every femdom related porn-site out there, always desperate to find new ways to become more depraved and perverted, as my tiny little cockette ached for me to do.

On the 30th May, I found you.

That first weekend was incredible. My cockette had never been so hard as you drained my finances. You exploited my weaknesses, and took control of my shrimp dick in the way it had always dreamed of being taken control of, and there and then, I became your Michelle-a-holic.

Yet after a humiliating call from the bank, and a long hard look at my credit card statement, the part of me that doesn’t like the idea of being the world’s biggest loser told me I had to stop, and I vowed to never send you my hard-earned money ever again. But my little cockette missed you too much. He kept leading me back to your blog each day to see if there were any updates, and he ached and dripped with excitement each time I checked my Niteflirt inbox for a message from you.

My useless shrimp dick knew what I had tried to deny: since the day I learnt to wank, the whole of my pathetic attempt at a sex-life has been leading to the point where I become your abused, jerk-off zombie slave. Today he reminded me what I am: a sexually-inadequate, weak little wimp, a loser who deserves only to be degraded and exploited by you, the Goddess of all my masturbation fantasies. He knows that I need reprogramming, that I need to let you destroy all traces of resistance in me, and that I must accept that becoming your addicted jerk-off slave is the best I can hope for from my life.

I realise now how stupid it was of me to try to resist. I realise now that I must accept my useless dicklets craving to drip and ache for you while I serve your every whim. And I realise now that you are the most perfect Goddess in the world, and giving you control of my life is the only meaningful thing I could do with my existence.

I am sorry for daring to resist you Goddess, I hope you can forgive me, and you will allow me to be your shrimp-dicked zombie slave.

Yours for as long as you want me,

Your puny weak English bitch


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