Swirly Whirly Goes The Piggy Down The Porcelain

by Michelle on June 8, 2009

One sure way to beat the summer heat and cool off is with a hot little humiliation assignment called “Give Your Life Meaning, Be A Toilet Slave”. KJ spent the past few days waiting and wishing to serve me but his lame wife was home sick and he just couldn’t get his alone time with me. Now like I give a fuck if that wife of yours is 1 foot away, when I want to play I want to play and you find the time and place immediately when I prompt you. That’s just the way it works period, end of story. I threatened to give his wife a call on her cell number that I got out of him in a moment of weakness if he didn’t find a place for private time with 10 minutes.
Tick tock, 9 min and 36 seconds later and there he was ready and on his knees in the bathroom,door locked, ready to serve, kiss my ass and give me cash and listen to my every word and do as I say. After I took a couple hundred dollars on Niteflirt from the submissive addicted loser I gave him a job and his job was to show me what a good and dedicated toilet slave he could be. I gave him his humiliation assignment to shove his face in the toilet, flush and recite poetry to me. It was a really hot day out there so I thought of the most ideal way to have a good cool down. Good thing I ordered him to get the washable Crayolas, we wouldn’t want the wife to see the writing on the toilet now would we. Ohhh How I love the things I get you losers to do for me. Look at that pretty face!
Go Lakers!!!
Porceline Slave 2
Porceline Slave

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