Kissing My Princess Divine Ass Through Poetry

by Michelle on June 2, 2009

After a nice cash slave ass pig out roast of a weekend I woke up to a poem that I really wanted to share. Slaves take note, when you do creative things to impress me you will always earn yourself a little extra greediness from my sexy self. This is from the married loser who lives in Roswell, NM, you know the one who I’m ready to expose all his info at any moment. Enjoy.

Goddess Michelle and the ways I love Thee

Goddess Michelle mine the sun doth shine
On your face and smile of splendor
Your warm feet feel sweet
On my face, in my mind

Goddess Michelle mine I worship your soles
for their beauty and smell make me
Dream of slaving away for you
subsuming my soul in dedication.

Goddess Michelle mine your ass is divine
and object of worship for one such as me
The sight make me shiver
with gladness of being your slave.

Goddess Michelle mine your mind makes me weak
and is the object of my true devotion.
Your evil and greedy and take from me
all that i am and all that i can be.

Goddess Michelle mine I love your ways
I will worship you now and forever
you own my heart, and soul and wallet,
I’ll worship you all of my days.

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