Blackmail Beauty Continues Cash Extraction With D&D Loser

by Michelle on May 29, 2009

Friday is here and I’m ready to party, Today is full beauty day at the spa today compliments of the blackmailed chivalrous knight loser boy in the pictures below. I was wondering what all the armor and renaissance faire crap was in the background, of course the pony tailed tampon eater is a fucking dungeons and dragons dork. I’ve had him sit on camera with his wife’s panties strapped onto his face as he does anything I say just to please me.
He sent over a Macy’s gift card so Master David and I could get something for our hot date tonight. Should I call his wife and see if she likes the new clothes we bought paid for from her husband? PS. His sign says ” I love to sniff Michelle’s ass after yoga” Hysterical
Daws the Aussie boy has come back after a long absence he found his way back into my lair ready to become another enslaved global Michelleaholic.
Getting ready to beauty up , Have a stunning weekend. I’ll be cash extracting all weekend.

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