Happy Memorial Blackmail Pig Roast Weekend

by Michelle on May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial weekend, I just got back in town from being in San Francisco and 4 days in Napa Valley. I really wish I was in France in the countryside sipping Bordeaux but Napa did the trick I stayed at the Carneros Inn it was unbelievable how stunning it was. We had a beautiful suite overlooking the blooming vineyards. With deep seduction and hypnotic allure my most handsome Manhattan hypno wallet slave paid for it so I could be the pampered high class ass he needs to spoil at all times.
A new little cuckold pathetic loser Kevin E from New Mexico came my way and wanted Master David and I to exploit and blackmail him because he knows he is total shit and just a “tampon eating cuntrag who deserves all his cash taken” those are his words not mine describing his piggish self. We gave him a good financial fuck over as we got full detailed information about his life, just enough info to ruin his marriage with his wife, lose his job and destroy his closest friendships. We made this reject humiliate himself on cam for us just so we could laugh at him and treat him like total shit. The filthy fuck was willing to do anything to please us begging to eat our filthy bathroom garbage can clean and wanting master David’s sweaty gym socks in his mouth. Special delivery should be coming soon for you loser!!!!

Ass Kissin Kevin

Ass Kissin Kevin 2

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