Fuck Over Friday Partying Into May Intox Fest

by Michelle on May 1, 2009

Raise your glasses up high and say a mighty cheers to Goddess Michelle. I love starting the month off right in my usual greedy Princess fashion ready to intoxicate and take that losers paycheck. The weekend begins with my slobbering drunk money pig. Oink oink said the piggy, look at that fist full of credit cards, my pussy was drenched seeing all that credit I was about to go shopping on. Cork popping good times never stop as I kept making my submissive pig add more and more money to my account. With each sip came another twenty dollar tribute and holy shit was it adding up fast. This little subby pig was being drained like his bottle and it was getting me hotter and hotter with each sip. The drunker the idiot became the more philosophical he got as to why a loser like him could never really date a hot woman like me and that all he is really good for is being a chastised house boy never being allowed to cum. Time was passing and my Gucci purse was bursting at the seams with cash. I let him stroke for a while as I sent him sexy pictures in my lingerie and some pictures of the bottoms of my soles with his name written on them. Just as he was crying out that he needed to cum I made him beat the head of his cock with a spatula and make the urge go away and to do a shot. Fuck up and fucked over, a beautiful day beating that chastised money pig to a little brick of my gold. Want to party with me this weekend? Enlighten your life and call me.

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