Few Grand Fuck Over Forced Intoxication Friday

by Michelle on April 25, 2009

Michelleaholics united last night for a beautiful financial domination Friday. I was on the phone 9 hours straight with drugged out and drunk losers looking to be shamed for being the pathetic ass slave pigs that they are.
Dumb bitch Marquis came back trying to convince himself that he wasn’t a faggot yet he emails me non stop telling me how he needs to be a glory hole whore, never mind the photo of him a few posts below this one one with a big black dildo and a sign near his face stating that he wants to be a cock sucker. Your right Marquis you are just “experimenting”. I get it, screwing a bulb in a socket does not make you an electrician, painting a wall does not make you a painter and sucking ONE cock does not make you a faggot ..right?
WRONG!! Lick my luxurious designer ass because YES you are gay!!!!
I was feeling devious and bitchy when along came a house boy. My sweet house boy was needing my help, he has been sober a few months now from meth and alcohol and he was really itching. Although I adore him so, I was already on a cash cow rampage and why the fuck would I want to stop now when I knew I could take this pig to the milky wallet way. I am a greedy princess and well my name is Michelle Loves Money so here I go! I sent him a hot new ass shot and that was all it took plus maybe a lil flirting and I had him off to the bar. Twenty minutes later he called me in the bar with his first round of shots in hand and a drink, toasting and praising me with each seductive drop on his lips. I gently raped his wallet as I teased him with thoughts of his meth pipe tasting like my pussy making him salivate like a true addict. He kept a constant hard on at the bar and begged me to be able to go home and get naked and touch it. There was not a glimmer of chance I was going to let this little house bitch jerk his dick on on my time! He needs to be locked in chastity for long periods of time, his dick is useless anyway he can’t get it up for woman long enough to get them off. Friday was just grand, a few grand that is HA HA HA!!!!

Reflection of perfection

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Princess Kiki May 25, 2009 at 10:05 pm

very nice pictures! I like your presentation.

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