Greedy Sexy Beauty Bashes Wallets

by Michelle on April 14, 2009

Bing bang bunny weekend I bashed up some subby’s wallets in a major way. Local Angeleno slave Jerry wanted to meet me up at the Coffee Bean for my Easter basket he said he made for me.
It was a small basket with Godiva foil bunnies, a $100 Victoria Secret gift card and other assorted goodies but the coolest part was the Godiva chocolate bunny was special, he told me to smash it on his balls and there would be a big surprise.
We got coffees and took a walk to the park and found a nice private area I took out the big chocolate rabbit and did notice the wrapper was jacked up, Hmmmmm what could it be? He was sitting on a bench and I told him to unzip his fly and take his micro cock out.
Standing up like a rock hard nub I saw that ugly little head and was ready to give him a chocolate bunny bashing. I started making fun of him in my typical bitchy fashion and was sure to make note that if one spot of chocolate gets on my yellow sundress I’m going to make him suck the soles of my stinky feet and I had flip flops on and majorly filthy streets of Los Angeles soles. SmmmAAAAssssHHHHHH my fresh pedicured fingertips whacked as hard as I could the hollow bunny on his cock to reveal 3 $100 bills tightly wound into a scroll with a pink ribbon. I spit in his face, thanked him and looked at my iphone and decided it was time to jam! Fucking LOSER!
godiva bunny
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