Loser On Cam Begging For A Pearl Necklace

by Michelle on April 6, 2009

I still can’t stop laughing when I think about this jerk off loser who calls me and begs to get on cam and give himself a big fancy pearl necklace. Jared the silly submissive was aching for a big ol cum shot in his face so I gave him full on jerk off in your face instructions.
Isn’t this just the biggest fucking loser! We started him out in typical “I like to pose on cam” fashion with him getting naked for me on the couch. While I was sipping an iced tea I was telling him exactly what I thought of small shrimp dick losers like him who call Niteflirt. He started to whimper like a little bitch “Goddess Michelle please make me give myself a pearl necklace please please please I’m just a cum loving fag”. I had him get to a place where he could get to a wall and prop his legs up start giving that nasty dick a tug. Look at him jerking away looking like the biggest loser, look at the way he gets right up on his toes like a big sissy ballerina he really needs to put a tutu on. For the grand finale of this reject’s wall dance he got his necklace and licked up ever last drop.
Perverts lets pull out that wallet and let me give it a tug shall we.

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