Hypnotic Hosiery Seamless Reinforcement

by Michelle on March 25, 2009

Spring air is filled with fragrant Jasmine and Orange blossoms and has me all hot and bothered. This time of the year gets me so horny all I want to do is have sex outside in the sunshine surrounded by flowers. One other scent in the air is the scent of fresh hosiery , I love opening up a new package of DKNY sheers and sinking my laser smooth legs inside the spun silk.
I went to grab a cocktail with my local leg slave Darryn last night. He has this foot fetish for hot babes with perfect pedicures and that of course would be me. He coaxed me to go meet him out for a drink telling me he had a gift for me. Gifts? I rolled off the couch and and straightened up my tiara, shimmied into my skin tight Joes Jeans, slipped into my Marc Jacobs heels and met him at the bar. Darryn had a pink bag filled with thigh highs! My favorite of the bag are pink sheer thigh highs with a pink bow at the top yummy I’m going to have to wear them for my next suitor.
I went into the bathroom and slipped a pair on under my jeans just so I could fuck with Darryn who actually thought I was going to go back home with him for a session. Fuck that, I just got out of bed to claim my prize. Two glasses of Cabernet down and my stocking covered foot was in Darynn crotch telling him I needed to hit the Galleria tomorrow to find a lil outfit for the stockings and magically out popped his wallet forking over cash to the greedy Princess. I took him to a couch in a dark corner and gave him a nice gift in return, I unzipped his jeans and slid my toes in, the reinforced toe rubbing his teeny weenie dick made him have a urgent loser explosion within about 2 minutes Darryn had made a sticky mess and of course I laughed, slid on my heels gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran home to watch American Idol on Tivo.

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