If Your Girlfriend Only Knew

by Michelle on March 9, 2009

Life must really suck when you have to live it hiding in the closet. Closets are for clothes so come on out! That was the theme for this weekend when I had full control over this Beantown closet case faggot named Marcus.
Marcus was fucked up for 3 days straight on exstacy, weed and drinking E&J all he wants in life is to be forced out of the fake bullshit life he leads as a straight male.
He lives with his girlfriend Tiffany Benjamin who actually was getting ready to go out on a Saturday night with her girlfriends as he was talking to me. Can you even imagine how pathetic is that! I could hear her asking him questions and having playful conversation as he sat there smoking a blunt with me in his ear saying “Can you imagine if I had Tiffany on the phone right now and told her the truth that you don’t eat her pussy because you think pussy is disgusting”. Marcus has been waiting for years to have his pathetic sissy ass brought out and tricked. He dreams of a time where he can be serving big thick white man cock day and night.
Marcus had one purpose for me and that was draining him of every dollar. I kept him intoxicated the entire time leaving him weak and giving me all his personal information. I took him down for about a grand and left him understanding that yes. Marcus your time has come to admit to the world that you are just a big pansy ass bitch fag ready to get your bitch ass pounded and tricked out. Marcus is in Norwood, Massachusetts for anyone looking to have a nice sissy to play with. Marcus got forced out and financially dominated and fucked!

1-800-863-5478 ext.01720040 New Callers Get 3 FREE Min To Get Seduced.

marcus comes out

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alyssa stevens March 14, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Oh wow…this is too good to be true.I would have never guessed that Marquis was such a sissy faggot.omg I’m soo outing that lil closet queer.he is (well was) the typical egotistical guy,but always had a overly sweet side.lil did ppl know its his Gayy side bahahaha what a Fucking Faggot!!

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