The Couple That Humiliate Together Stay Together

by Michelle on March 1, 2009

Who wears short shorts? I do! It’s so nice outside I’m feeling amazing I just got done teaching a spin class and I am so ready to go. Who’s ready to get fucked over today? First day of the month, new checks are in , time to make a little dent in it.
My boyfriend Mr. Big and and I used this trashy little pansy boy in the afternoon and made him show his proper respect for us. I told him if he was a good boy I was going to let my boyfriend cum in his face after he was done fucking me. We were really hungry after our day romp and we made the bitch boy tribute $60 for lunch. He dropped off lunch money and then he was given the humiliating task of having to create a a sign to announce to everyone what a slut he was willing to be for us. I really love the composition of this photo, look at the way his submissive docile eyes are peering at us screaming out “look at me world i’m a major fucking loser”. The part that really makes my pussy wet is seeing his wedding ring. What a slutty cuckold junkie.
Loser Slave Mark

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