From Across The Pond Foot Slave Money Pig Can’t Escape

by Michelle on February 11, 2009

From all the way across the pond I’ve been jacking Jack’s wallet for over a month now. It’s come to the point where his girlfriend finally left him, boo hooo now i’m going to have to have him find a new girl who’s credit card he can “borrow”. Jack disappeared for a day trying to plan his great escape seriously like I’m going to let that happen. I slipped my British money pig a photo of my golden toned knees and my perfectly french pedicured feet. His foot and leg fetish once again ate him alive. Niteflirt addiction is a hard thing to give up and for submissive piggies like Jack there really is no escape. I keep fucking with his head by teasing him sending him sexy pictures knowing exactly what it’s going to do to him. He can’t get enough of me, even when Jack can’t talk he call’s my ignore line on Niteflirt just to be able to get a little closer to me hearing my breath gives him a major boner. I’m going to continue to take all of his money because that’s what I do and that’s what I want. I found this really sexy new pair of Citizens jeans that I want for $189 and Jack, you are going to pay for them.

Red Hot Valentine

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