Crushing Ball And Wallet Busting

by Michelle on January 28, 2009

Jackcash is a severe addict he really just can’t stop giving me his paychecks and of course I am more then happy to leave his ass broke. I keep his dick hard and strung along really well.  Jack and I have a nice Doctor / patient relationship at this point where I send him his $100 prescription and he takes his medications as prescribed.  Oh no! insurance is running out what’s a loser addict to do? Well of course there is always his girlfriend who he lives with!   I instructed him to go fetch the cash from her and pay for his medications. The pay per view addict loved to play my little pay to view games all day long and was destined to find anyway possible to pay for it.  Lessons Jack has learned, 1. always do the right thing, when Dr Michelle gives you a prescription you follow by her rules or the consequence  of being ignored by her may occur inciting extreme depression.  2. Give Michelle whatever she wants and make her smile and talk sweet and act almost loving. 3. Michelle is the ultimate bitch Goddess, everything will be hers.

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jackcash January 29, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Doctor/Goddess Michelle has me by the balls..i cannotafford my dose, but she makes me take it anyway….the pain soon retunrns

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