Hopeless and Hopeful Doing The Right Thing

by Michelle on January 19, 2009

Hope is finally here bonjour Bush, welcome Obama! I’m also hopeful for the new slave loser jackcashuk who seems to be lost in life and looking for a way. Jack wants to let go of all of his money yet he has this great fear. He’s a pathetic sad single man who really doesn’t need to pamper himself anyway. I’ve told him the way to be is to give everything to me, so far I have taken around $2,000 in pay per view on niteflirt. I started off with a really sexy set of 3 photos in some hot slutty lingerie for $400. It was after that I thought it would improve the losers life and make mine so much better if the next round of photos was one picture for $600. Jack had run out of funds but of course there is always the overdraft and savings ! Jack then sent me one of those pathetic emails asking if I would send him a picture holding a sign with his name on it. I sent him one regular photo giving him the finger for $600. Jack got his wish and I took 3 custom shots for him. Each shot is going to cost $999.99. Check your in box slave and do the right thing. Everything goes to this money loving princess.


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