Money Loving Private Detective Princess

by Michelle on January 15, 2009

I’ve been talking to JohnBevHills on Niteflirt for about 2 years now and he’s always really intrigued me, we started our calls with john calling me and telling me all his confessions that he really wanted to be a cock sucking sissy named “Joanie”.
Joanie wanted to be a sissy all over San Francisco sucking the cocks of every man within 7 miles from the Castro.
I came to learn that my sissy was really a big money CEO and married to a young snobby Los Angeles Princess who lived in their Beverly Hills house. John began to call and moved past the sissy fetish on to bigger things like being a sugar daddy to a hot local Princess like me. He never would reveal his real information, I didn’t know all the facts, until now.
My money giving secret sissy has assigned me the luxury assignment of paying me $5,000 to catch his wife cheating on him in public. He’s been reading her emails and found out of a tryst she’s going to be having next week at a trendy hot spot in Hollywood and I am going to catch her. I am going to be an official Wife buster.
We met today for lunch and he armed me with photos of the cheating skank and a check for $5000 and $300 in cash for the dinner that I will be having when I get photo’s. He’s always been such a good sugar daddy that I decided I since I took my ass into Hollywood during my precious yoga time I needed something more. Trashy lingerie was a few blocks away so I made him get his car out of parking and take me there for a little lingerie raid for some new outfits for pictures. I left with a big giant bag full of sexiness.
I really can’t wait for next weeks main event.

Blue Bell  Bitch In January

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jackcashuk January 19, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Thankyou for the opportunity Goddess – i cannot fight the inevitable and will do what is right.
It is good for me, and i trust you completely.

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