Hop On My The Back Of My Mind For A Humiliation Ride

by Michelle on January 8, 2009

I’ve been feeling like it’s still Christmas non stop around here. It seems like Mr UPS just does not want to stop bringing me gifts. Today came my amazing new My Cafe single pod coffee maker and my new Blu Ray player for my sexy new Panasonic plasma. I really am a true spoiled bratty diva. Hurray I’m a very happy Princess. My new video clips went over really well, there will be a ton more of those I can’t believe all the emails you submissive wanks sent me begging for more of that screaming video torture with my stunning eyes looking right at you as I play with my pussy to let you know you”ll never ever have this Princess pussy.
I don’t want to give this pathetic Niteflirt loser any more free jerk off publicity but his name starts with an E and he knows who he is. He thinks he can just give his sorry ass Niteflirt addiction up since its the beginning of a new year. Guess what dildo head… its just another day and your phone sex addiction is here to stay.
Jerry called up for his induction humiliation assignment and that last a nice few hours on the phone and had something to do with going to a rite aid and getting a few goods before hand. I will say tampons,lipstick ,blue eyeshadow and a case of beer were all made use of when I took this sissy faggot pig for a nice humiliating ride on the back of my mind. Being a powerful Los Angeles Goddess has all the benefits, loads of rich piggies come to town and want to spoil me, endless amounts of pathetic losers who make way too much cash always easy to find and who can complain about the weather. I love being me.

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