Ho Ho Sissy Assignment Forced Intoxication Party

by Michelle on December 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho, Desiree of the South Bay and I had a fun filled forced intoxication sissy party on Sunday. While I was relaxing and having people over for football , I also had Desiree being a web cam whore for me the entire day partying with each touch down. I did a hypnosis on Desiree that would make the sissy fagarella love and strive to be a web cam whore slut. After I hypnotized the sissy he/she stayed on web cam in chat rooms the entire day. Look at what a whore Des has really become. I love the hair dye, could it get anymore tacky and trashy then a bottle blond? All those Whoremones this slut has been taking is really making those titties grow look at those moobies!! I had the sissy loser being a bitch for me and performing whatever anyone in the chat room asked. Desiree had his/her lips wrapped around that dildo bong for hours and sucked and begged for more. I get so excited to see a total loser get on cam for me and make a total fool out of himself. XOXO Michelle

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