Putting Presents Under My Princess Tree

by Michelle on December 11, 2008

Brrrr, Los Angeles is freezing especially when you have on sexy lingerie and the air is wafting over a full body hose stocking on my perfect Princess body.  Iv’e been really busy going to holiday parties drinking champagne and of course hitting the mall and spoiling myself with all the gift certificates you worshippers and gift piggy’s  have been sending me.  I’ve gotten a TON of lingerie and I love it so much thanks losers for screwing over your wife’s holiday and giving it all to me.   I took a bunch of new pictures and put up 5 new photo sets each for  the low holiday price of $15.00 per set. Enlik has been trying his hardest to save money and keep it to himself. Seriously, enlik you are a total fucking loser, you have no life stop thinking about yourself, the only one that matters is me. Desiree the stupid bimbo in the South Bay has left his door unlocked for days now letting anyone who wants to go and use him go. If you live in the area and want to go see the sissy let me know and you’ll get the address!  A new loser Swenberton out in Irvine found me and knows he just made a huge mistake.  I used him for a few hundred and am even considering meeting him out at a mall for a swift ball kicking session and a fistful of cash for me. SuzieQ and I have been having intense therapy sessions to figure out why his wife won’t fuck him anymore.  I think we really know why, maybe because he has a tiny ass loser dick and sucks cock secretly on the side. It’s unreal how many married closet homos are out there.  One of you losers reading this right now is one! XXOO Michelle

Go to my wishlist and pile the prezzies under MY tree.
My Wishlist

 Pink Lingerie Ass Lovers Sexy Heels Heaven

Kiss My Ass Losers

Boots- N- Corset Set

Sweet Cherry Corset

Sexy Nylon Body Stocking

Call Me Up And Let Me Treat You Like The Loser You Are
1-800-863-5478 ext.01720040

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